Manage staff working from home

Work From Home Staff Management

Start and Stop Work logs with GPS Verification.

Log in and Log out work from home

GPS Log in Verification

Work from home staff can:

  • Start work (log in) with GPS Location Verification
  • Stop work (log out) with GPS Location Verification

Managers receive Start and Stop work notifications (on both the desktop admin panel and on their app) with GPS location verification along with automated notifications if or when Team Member leave their designated work areas while logged into work.

Privacy Mode

A staff privacy mode is also included so that staff can set their automated work hours Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm or manually meaning the GPS functionality will only work during these times and not during personal time.

iHound Work From Home Managers Menu


Managers are provided with a complete suite of reports ranging from In / Out alerts to Sales and Client visits.

Automate scheduled reports plus much more.


If you run ZoHo CRM then iHound is also fully integrated with this system and you can simply install the ZoHo Extension from the ZoHo Marketplace.

Built for iPhone and Android

Download the app below:

Android work from home app
iPhone work from home app