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ZoHo is one of, if not the leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with an entire suite of programs based around its core program ZoHo CRM as well as more than 25 online applications including invoicing, project management, wikis, note-taking, databases, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing and other software. I first approached ZoHo in 2016 after using their CRM for some time about a possible joint venture with the iHound product. When their response was positive it basically spurred all the ideas of what could be possible if we linked the two products and had all the tech based on the users mobile phone rather than providing hardware.

We simply do not have the budget to launch a global marketing campaign to push our stand alone product to our potential customers whereas ZoHo already has a great portion of our potential customers globally but does not have this type of product which is a value add for them and there users. So it’s a win / win situation.

Zoho Corporation operates in three divisions:

  • Zoho.com offers online collaboration, productivity, and business applications
  • ManageEngine offers enterprise IT management
  • WebNMS serves the requirements of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)

Zoho has its headquarters in Pleasanton, CA with offices in New Jersey, Austin, Beijing, Tokyo, India, and London. The company’s software research and development centres are based in Chennai and Tenkasi, India, as well as Beijing and Singapore. Its sales and support operations are based in Chennai and the Philippines. Zoho is a privately owned firm that has more than 3,500 employees in its global offices. The company says it is a profitable concern without any capital obtained from outside.

As part of its investment in R&D, Zoho operates a program named Zoho University to hire and train high school students. More than 15% of the company’s engineers come from this program. This initiative serves to boost the company’s workforce with smart employees and also helps it to give back to the community.

Zoho History
Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas. Its initial name was Vembu Software and it operated in a small apartment in Chennai, India. The company’s name was changed to AdventNet in 2005 and it focused on developing an IT management portfolio of solutions such as test-automation, information security, and database search products. In 2009, the company changed its name to Zoho Corporation after its online office suite.

Today, Zoho has more than 30,000,000 users with a majority being small businesses. Top brands that use Zoho products include Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Qualcomm, Nokia, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Citrix, Cisco, and 3com.


Marketing through ZoHo

ZoHo hosts a site called ZoHo market place, companies such as us have built plugins and integrations for the ZoHo system have the opportunity to list their products their. This market place is internally linked in the ZoHo CRM software menu and is actively marketed by ZoHo as value add products. Once our product is listed there users will be able to link it and integrate it seamlessly to their current CRM.


The Maths

The maths behind the iHound business plan and the ROI forecasting at this point is all based around the ZoHo integration and it looks like this:

ZoHo has in excess of 16,000,000 customers and 30,000,000 users globally and is continuing to grow, if we can cater to as little as 0.5% (yes half a percent) of their current users we are looking at:

Below are the possible scenarios:

0.5% of 30,000,000 possible devices = 150,[email protected] USD 4.99 per month is USD 748,500/month or USD 8,982,000 pa with a GP of about 60% or USD 5,389,200 at today’s exchange rate A$7,507,940 annually

1.0% of 30,000,000 possible devices = 300,[email protected] USD 4.99 per month is USD 1,497,000/month or USD 17,964,000 pa with a GP of about 60% or USD 10,778,400 at today’s exchange rate A$15,015,881 annually

2.5% of 30,000,000 possible devices = 750,[email protected] USD 4.99 per month is USD 3,742,500/month or USD 44,910,000 pa with a GP of about 60% or USD 26,946,000 at today’s exchange rate A$37,539,704 annually

5% of 30,000,000 possible devices = 1,500,[email protected] USD 4.99 per month is USD 7,485,000/month or USD 89,820,000 pa with a GP of about 60% or USD 53,892,000 at today’s exchange rate A$75,079,409 annually

As you can see from the numbers above the possibilities are extremely lucrative. Even if we only achieve installs with 0.01% of ZoHo customers this still equates to A$250,264 in sales per year and ZoHo is only the beginning. Once completed we are also looking to roll out to:

  • Xero (Accounting Software) https://www.xero.com/au/ (in excess of 1,000,000 customers)
  • SalesForce (Similar product to ZoHo) https://www.salesforce.com/au/?ir=1 –  https://s1.q4cdn.com/454432842/files/doc_financials/2019/CRM-Q1-FY19-Earnings-Presentation.pdf
  • Magento (eCommerce software provider) https://magento.com/ (in excess of 250,000 users)
  • Amazon???

And the list will grow as we become more refined and more recognised.

We are currently working very closely with ZoHo with 3 developers in constant contact with myself and the team in India as well as the Vice President of Business Development in the states working with me to help develop the product and the end usability.

For example the apps are currently written in:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian

As per ZoHo’s suggestions based on their current global sales numbers they have requested that we add:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Flemish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

We are also adding:

  • Russian
  • Italian
I am currently working on the translations with some linguistic freelancers and a division of Google. I am also currently rebuilding the entire website to cater for all the new languages, functionality, help files and support network etc.
The proposed date to hand the plug in over to ZoHo Tech development for testing and comment is Jan 15th.

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