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See below links and passwords to access and install the ZoHo / iHound Integrated Beta version

iHound / ZoHo Interface: https://mobile.ihoundgps.com/ihoundzoho/index.php/home

Create iHound Account

Create account page: https://mobile.ihoundgps.com/ihoundzoho/index.php/sessions/signup_load or install application and do from Android phone

Android App Version 1.4.1 – https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vyn2w6kj87upwr/iHound%20zoho%201.4.1.apk?dl=0

Enter account details and create account as per iHound steps


Integrate with ZoHo CRM

  • Open your CRM account
  • Open below link in new tab
  • Plugin Version 189: https://crm.zoho.com/market/installPrivatePlugin.do?portalName=gregbrogan&nameSpace=ihound&versionIndex=2589963000000337001
  • Agree to all, follow steps and install extension

Go back to iHound UI which is now integrated with ZoHo

  • Current beta version APK (Android) 1.4.1
  • Beta ZoHo Extension Version 189


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