network and telecommunication technology

Secure Network

At iHound we take your information security seriously and as such use the industry leaders in Australia, the USA and Europe for our third party data warehousing, firewalls and dedicated servers.

Service Monitoring

The proactive monitoring systems of iHound best Phone Tracker App ensure that your data is always under close supervision, with alerts sent to the Emergency support crew via email and SMS

Hardware Firewall

At iHound location Tracker App, our hardware firewall provides an additional layer of protection against attackers and illegitimate traffic arriving at our servers.

Extended Support

The expert Support Team of iHound best Phone Tracker App proactively investigate and remedy issues alerted from our dedicated servers by the proactive monitoring system

Daily Server Backups

Our servers are backed up everyday to our robust data protection storage network and kept for 14 days. At iHound, backups are granular which allows us to restore files, folders, or roll back the entire server if ever we needed it.