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Designed and Programmed specifically for multiple Agricultural applications

Tractor GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking & M2M Data

iHound GPS Tracker App provides packages specifically tailored to the Agriculture sector which included hardwired heavy duty devices and sims, 4G connectivity and multi signal alert systems.

Our system can be fitted to all makes and models regardless of age, we can even fit devices to non-powered implements such as tillers and trailers.

We can provide services such as PTO alerts, bail counts and locations, tip alerts, hour meter monitoring, oil pressure switch monitoring, service interval alerts and driver behavior reports plus much much more.

GPS Tracking is only the beginning of the service we can offer. Contact Us today to discuss your individual needs.


Be alerted and receive reports on items such as PTO operation, Bail Counts, Tips / Load Counts, after hours usage… It’s really only limited by your imagination, contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Know who is driving your equipment and when through the use of Driver RFID Tags.

iHound best phone tracker app reports both time and distance interval GPS location, speed and heading.

Depending on Vehicle make and model, reports ignition On and Ignition Off alerts including time and location.

Travelling to areas where mobile data coverage is poor? No need to worry, the iHound OBD vehicle tracking devices will still record all the relevant GPS data and upload it to the system once it either receives a strong mobile data signal. It will then automatically delete the local data file to save memory space on the device.

If the device has an unscheduled power off (vehicle battery removed or tampered with or if the device is unplugged) the device will send the administrator an alert advising the location and status.

You have the power to decrease or increase the GPS accuracy of the device and the frequency of it’s location reports dependent on the package you would like to undertake. The iHound Premium package reports every 3 mins and / or 1000 metres.

You hardware and dashboard will always receive the latest updates free of charge.

Build your own set of geofences, such as machinery sheds, workshops, client properties etc and be alerted when you machinery accesses or leaves them.

Support ticket system as well as live chat customer support service

Efficiently and cost effectively manage and monitor your staff globally via your own devices on the free iHound Dashboard app for Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android. Receive reports of client visits and time spend on site, distance travelled, working hours and productivity. Create automated reports based on your needs and easily customise the system to best suit your business

Receive live scheduled reports of machine usage, distance travelled, working hours and productivity. Create automated reports based on your needs and easily customise the system to best suit your business

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Agricultural GPS Tracking