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iHound Best GPS Tracker App to track the location of an entity or object remotely. With our GPS Phone Tracker App, you can track your vehicles, monitor fleets, workforce, cell phone alerts and show relative motion of vehicle continuously. iHound has more than 3.5K+ happy and satisfied clients in more than 17 countries. We have 18K+ devices online.

iHound convert your smart Cell Phone to GPS Tracker devices. iHound app is now available in the App store for all iOS devices that are GPS equipped, including iPhones & iPads. Similarly, iHound is also available now in the Google Play store for all Android devices that are GPS equipped, including tablets, phablets, phones, and other devices. It is one click installation app that can be used anywhere, anytime in any device.

Installation and Activation:

Our simple and one-click installations process make up most demanding GPS Tracker App:

Step 1: Navigate to App Store and search for iHound.
Step 2: Download and install the app.
Step 3: Register an account.
Step 4: Login to the app.


  1. Monitor Location: You don’t need the mobile app for monitoring location. You can also simply login to the website. Two devices including the admin device can be tracked using the free account with limited features.
  2. Multiple Devices: If you want to track unlimited number of devices, you can easily upgrade your subscription.
  3. Cross Platform: Our GPS Tracker App supports iOS, Android devices. So, it can be used anywhere, anytime at any devices.
  4. No Ad: We don’t serve any ad either on website or in the mobile app to avoid any kind of disturbance.
    Download Report: You can download your tracks stop point report, area in/out report, alert report under dashboard menu.
    Live Map: You can track the real time and live location of the assets on map. It also gives an option to show address of the assets.
  5. Geofence: You can use the geofence function to track the real time location of your employee’s entry and exit time of the project site. It provides an ability to get all important notifications about the specific geographic boundaries that you are interested in. Get alerts on your smart GPS enabled tracking device if vehicle, employee or family member suddenly leaves or enters the geo-zone you have marked.
  6. Maintain History: The app maintain a history of all your accepted and requested visits.

Increase your business ROI by using our easy to use iHound GPS Tracker App at affordable pricing, flexible plans and with world class support.

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