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As companies like to track their vehicles/employees begin their search for information about Employee Time Tracking system, many come upon what appears to be an easy, affordable and optimal solution. To the buyer who is not familiar with how GPS systems work, Phone Location Tracker App appears to offer the cheapest way to start tracking your employees and your fleet. To the buyers who are not aware of the GPS equipment in details, GPS phones seem to be an easy solution to begin reaping the benefits of GPS tracking system, but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Following are the main problems with GPS phones:

  1. Reduced battery life
  2. Incomplete and inaccurate Reporting

Over the years we have heard several complaints from companies who have tried using GPS phones to track their vehicles/employees. Some of our customers tried using various GPS cell phones app available in the market, but after a few weeks they began to realize that there are some issues of those phone tracking solution like inaccurate reporting and battery life.

Battery Life

When the GPS tracking is added to the phone, the battery life of the phone decreases as data needs to be on always. This means your GPS phone needs to be charged always so you have to put your phone in charge. This is a loophole of many GPS apps available in the market as the person carrying the phone can simple say the battery was dead when he/she does not want to be tracked. iHound Best Employee Time Tracking App runs in the background, optimized to track your device without draining much battery.

Incomplete Reporting

The objective of using a tracking system is to track your employees productivity with mobility and is very transparent. But, what if there is a difference between your GPS app’s data and the employee’s data.. GPS cell phones report on 3-15 minute intervals usually. But, the fact says GPS signal can be lost so easily and people may face poor internet connectivity issue anytime, and so the report may not be accurate. Business owners are relying on accurate reports so they can feel confident when comparing their employee time sheets against the GPS software report. Using a system that is only accurate 50% of time only leads to doubt on the employers end. With iHound Employee Time Tracking App, business owner can receive live scheduled reports of client visits and time spend on site, distance travelled, working hours and productivity. With iHound it is also possible to create automated reports based on your requirements and easily customise the system to best suit your business

In conclusion, companies who use a GPS phone for tracking vehicles/employees invariably run in to the same critical performance problems that can only be overcome by installing a real-time GPS system. We hope to help educate the buyer in order to help you avoid the hassle of purchasing something that will be a waste of time and money. If you are interested in learning more about our GPS tracking systems please feel free to contact us using our web form or give us a call. We help you select the system that is right for your company.

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