Hi Jill, your Delivery from Smith and Sons is on its way!

GPS Delivery Driver Management System
  • No Hardware to Install
  • Only US$1.99 per month per driver
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Customer SMS Notifications
  • Customer end delivery tracking
  • Delivery and Driver tracking automation
  • Customise – Works in multiple applications
  • Uses Android and Apple phones
  • Start and Stop Work Remote Time Clocking
  • Multilingual

"The iHound Delivery Driver Management Application gives you the technology to offer the same high end solution to your customers only previously available to the big end of town."

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Customer Benefits

  • Customers receive SMS Notification with link when delivery is on the way
  • On clicking the link customers can track their delivery in their browser
  • Automated arrival pop up notification when delivery arrives
  • When your driver leaves the customers address, the customers access to tracking is automatically closed

No more calls to see where the delivery is…

iHound GPS Driver Tracking

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Driver Benefits

Your drivers get “live” up to date information on the deliveries straight to their handset including:

  • Location and Order Information
  • Navigation to Delivery address
  • Route Efficiency (For multiple deliveries we have built in route efficiency, once selected the system will navigate the most distance efficient A B C D route.)
  • Order Payment Status – Driver needs to collect money or not
  • Customers Contact Information
  • Special notes – “Leave at back dock”

No more drivers being chased up to see where deliveries are…

Management Benefits

Via our Web user interface the Administrator and their Team have access to our automated Delivery Management Dashboard.

  • See where all your drivers are live at anytime they’re active
  • Book, Edit and Assign deliveries
  • Order times / customer wait times – Live counter from lodging delivery to delivered
  • Delivery cost modelling – Enter your drivers average hourly cost and we will model your average delivery labour costs based on each team members delivery times
  • Automated system alerts and reporting plus much more
  • See live Colour coded delivery status: “Unassigned” – “Assigned waiting driver acceptance” – “Accepted awaiting delivery” – “On route to customer” – “Delivered / Completed
GPS Driver Dashboard Team
Delivery Dashboard

Manage your logistics like never before from the palm of your hand

Staff Privacy

We ensure that we always focus on building benefits both for the Employer and the Employee, it’s a two way street after all. Your staff’s privacy is always of utmost importance to us and as such, for staff that are using their own devices we have built in a staff privacy mode and manual start / stop work feature.

Here staff can either set their regular work schedule and the app will only be active during those times or they can manually click “Start Work” or “Stop Work”, activating and deactivating the application respectively.

Outside of these times when the application is deactivated it will not report, save or monitor any location data.


We offer an entire suite of reporting including:

  • Alerts Reports
  • Area In / Out (inc arrivals and departures)
  • Start / Stop Work – Time Clock reports
  • Customer Visit Reports
  • Play back reports (Playback on map of previous activities)
  • Labour cost reports
  • Stop Reports
  • Plus more

No time to spend searching reports? We also provide a schedule report feature. Simply build the report you want and it will be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly in PDF or Excel automatically to read at your leisure.

Hi Thomas, your Delivery from Peterson's is on it way!

Other Benefits:

  • Web based, works anywhere in the world with internet access
  • No specialised server based software to install just the app
  • No specialised hardware needed just an Android or Apple device
  • Cost effective at under US$2 per driver per month
  • SMS billed separately at cost, see here by selecting your country
  • Simple 60 second Online training guides / tours


  • Increase efficiency while decreasing costs
  • ZoHo CRM Integration
  • Transparency – See why your customers are satisfied or not
  • Client list import facility
  • 24/7 Live Chat and Ticket Support
  • Multilingual

Monitor - Dispatch - Automate - Integrate

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