By: Greg Brogan On: December 18, 2018 In: iPortal Comments: 0

19/12/18 – 0700

  • Last night we created and tested intensively the dynamic authtoken generation process with ZoHo which is the process in which new iHound users that already have a ZoHo account automatically generate an authentication token when setting up their iHound account which gives us security privileges to be able to fetch their ZoHo data and bring into the iHound system
  • We also completed the iHound / ZoHo extension creation  and have handed to ZoHo Technical for testing
  • Completed and Tested Add/Edit/Delete for the following Modules in ZoHo and cross checked all the same data was received in the ihound system for; Contacts, Leads & Employees
  • Created Yes / No – True / False data validation process

18/12/18 – 11:00

  • Geofencing all international airports so administrators can see team members arriving at and departing airports as well as their flights with automated alerts and reporting
  • Creating logic to prevent default GMT location grabbing and to allow offline devices to record and report location data while in flight mode and travelling in an aeroplane
  • Layout work on the new dashboard is currently on schedule see below Screen Shot

  • As of today everything (functionality) has been approved by Apple for use on iOS devices but that could change at anytime. Have to take it day by day with Apple
  • Working with ZoHo to solve some problems we are facing calling their API and with pulling required data from their DB and pushing back in.
  • Working with Apple and Google to solve InApp purchasing and monthly subscription upgrades
  • Working on mapping alternatives (see separate post)

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