GPS Tracker App

Who we are?

iHound is a relatively small team of highly experienced and specialised professionals across Australia, India, USA, China and Malaysia who are dedicated to providing the most cutting edge GPS platform today’s and tomorrow’s technology can provide.

  • Experienced software programmers
  • Hardware engineers in Australia, USA and China
  • Talented PHP & SQL Programmers
  • Multi time zone, friendly multi lingual support staff

What we do

To enhance, increase and build on the efficiency of your business, workflow, logistics and workforce management both locally and globally through the implementation of cutting edge hardware and software technologies.

iHound uses only the best 3G and 4G technology from the USA and China to provide our clients with the highest level of service and reliability.

Our business is all about solving your problems. No matter how small or how insurmountable the problem may be. We will work with you to custom design a solution to suit your needs.

Our current workflow

Support Team 100% 100%
App Development 94% 94%
GPS Platform Development 85% 85%
PHP Web design & Enhancement 74% 74%
Satisfied Clients
Devices Online
Countries Covered

Our Services

iHound provides multi platform services including traditional hardware installation & tracking, OBD devices and Customised M2M devices through to Android and iOS platforms.

Custom M2M

We specialise in one off 'Machine to Machine' installations where the GPS location of the vehicle or asset is only one piece of the puzzle. We can also deliver data such as refrigeration temperatures, PTO operation alarms & other device operation alarms. The only limitation is your imagination.

Traditional Devices

This is where the business started and is still our main focus. We stock a large range of devices to suit all needs and applications. Please contact us to discuss your needs today.